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Vouch Field Volume

Our team will conduct reverse measurement audits for Royalty and Working Interest Owners to identify and correct metering and analyzer errors. Consequently, we will recalculate the current and previous month’s production volumes for accurate revenue recognition. This ensures that all stakeholders, including operators and partners, are fairly compensated. Our primary focus is compliance with contracts (Gas Gathering, Lease Agreements, Joint Operating or Unit Operating Agreements, etc.).

The pumping unit is at work in the evening of the oilfield.

Verify Well Pad Assets

If your organization faces asset validation challenges, such as unexpected joint interest billings or material transfers scrutiny, or if there’s a need to verify assets for a drilling program, then TEAM JR ADVISORS is here to help. With our extensive global experience and expertise in fixed asset management, we offer reliable solutions.

Operator recording operation of oil and gas process at oil and rig plant.

Validate Measurement Point Accuracy

Effective and accurate metering in oil and gas operations is vital. This includes calibration, documentation, and maintenance, which are essential for financial accuracy, operational efficiency, and minimizing revenue loss. Therefore, our approach addresses these critical aspects comprehensively.

Oil and Gas Industry

Vindicate the Need for Operations Optimization

Furthermore, your organization can benefit from a comprehensive evaluation of field operations, midstream contractor performance, and facilities engineering for new systems design. Additionally, we provide an optimization scorecard for existing facilities to improve cost-efficiency and performance. This also includes the adoption of machine learning enhancements to stay ahead in the industry.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Years Combined Experience in Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

Years US Shale experience in the fields of Bakken, Eagle Ford, Niobrara, Utica and Marcellus (boots on the ground)

Years volume to value auditing of Major US Shale Operators: Chesapeake, Devon, Continental and SWN; and independents: EXCO, Cheyenne, and Carrizo

Navigate Oil & Gas Opportunities

What challenges can arise from a lack of compliance in oil and gas contracts, and how can they impact an organization?

Non-compliance in oil and gas contracts can lead to financial disputes, legal complications, and operational inefficiencies. These challenges can result in revenue loss, reputational damage, and regulatory penalties.

What steps can my organization take to ensure accurate revenue capture and compliance with contractual obligations?

To ensure accurate revenue capture and compliance, organizations can implement rigorous audit and validation processes, maintain transparent record-keeping, conduct regular metering and equipment calibration, and stay informed about changes in regulations and contractual clauses.

How can experienced professionals assist in addressing contractual exposures and optimizing oil and gas operations?

Experienced professionals can offer valuable insights, conduct comprehensive audits, and provide expertise in navigating complex contractual agreements. Their guidance helps organizations identify and rectify potential exposures, optimize operations, and maximize revenue while maintaining complianc


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