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Principal Operations Manager – R.C. (Bob) Gronwaldt


With a background spanning Mobil, Parsons Energy and Chemical, Hunting Energy Services, and roles as a Joint Interest Audit Specialist for Statoil (Equinor) and CNOOC, Robert has extensive experience in oil field operations, capital project reviews, equipment inventory management, and expenditure audits across various global locations.

Robert started with Mobil Oil as a cost accountant at their Paulsboro NJ Refinery.  He spent 20 years with Mobil in Operations and Corporate Audit, Corporate Insurance (Claims), and Capital Projects Audit in Africa and Venezuela.

Robert’s oil field experience continued with Parsons Energy and Chemical working in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Trinidad, the UK, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan.  During this period, he performed capital project reviews of their respective project management teams specializing in construction and procurement irregularities, and FCPA violations.

Robert next entered the oil field services and OEM equipment realm for Hunting Energy Services, reducing equipment inventory shrinkage by over 20% in Canada, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE.  He also performed special projects involving lean manufacturing, cost accounting, project management, employee theft, and workplace violations for the CEO and COO.

Finally, Robert was a Joint Interest Audit Specialist for Statoil (Equinor), and CNOOC over the last 10 years leading expenditure and revenue audits both onshore and offshore USA of Chesapeake, Devon, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, and many other independent oil and gas companies in Eagle ford, Rockies, Marcellus, and GOM.

Strategic Partnerships


These services are performed by John Kiss, P. Eng – Vice President: Business Development / Engineering, Oilfield Specialty Partners (OSP) out of Abilene, TX.


These services are done by our partner, C2 Petroleum Consulting out of San Antonio, TX.

C2 Petroleum specializes in:

  • Instrumentation verification, and configuration of flow meters
  • Infrastructure design, review and optimization
  • Installation and monitoring of oil and gas meters

Chris Ellison, the primary partner and field manager, has over 35 years in the oilfield in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.


Revenue Audit
Revenue Audit

Our experienced partners can provide a thorough analysis of your field operations, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s performance and efficiency in this area.

Operations Analysis
Operations Analysis

Our experienced partners offer expertise in analyzing field operations, midstream contractors, facility design, and facility optimization, with 30 years of experience in the industry.

Field Measurement
Field Measurement

In the oil and gas industry, proper meter calibration is essential for accurate production rates and revenue, and our experienced associates at C2Petroleum with over 40 years of field measurement expertise can help address these crucial needs.

Fixed Asset Verification
Fixed Asset Verification

TEAM JR ADVISORS can expertly assist with fixed asset validation, joint interest billing, operational audits, and drilling program trust with extensive experience in various countries and major US shale plays.

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What is the significance of expenditure audits in the oil and gas industry?

Expenditure audits play a crucial role in ensuring financial accuracy and compliance within the industry. They involve a detailed review of capital and operational expenses, helping operators identify inefficiencies, cost discrepancies, and potential revenue leakages.

How can equipment inventory management benefit my oil field operations?

Effective equipment inventory management ensures that you have the right tools and assets available when you need them, minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and improving overall operational efficiency. It helps you track equipment, schedule maintenance, and optimize resource allocation.

What are the main objectives of capital project reviews in the oil and gas sector?

Capital project reviews aim to assess the performance, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to quality and safety standards of major projects within the industry. By identifying irregularities and FCPA violations, these reviews help organizations mitigate risks and enhance project management practices.

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